Clear data visualisation & intuitive user experience

Help your fleet perform at its top through fluid digital interaction.

Complete overview

Your customers can have overlook for all his orders , their status and financial statements, all within your app.

Customer notifications

Keep customers up to date through automated or manual SMS, Whatsapp and e-mail notifications.

Import and export all your data

Olivery Support upload bulk orders as well as export any data needed dynamically.

Customer Dashbaord

With Olivery dashboards , all the data in one screen for your customers.

Efficient time management

Automate your tasks and reports !  

Automated actions

With our low-code /no-code solution , you can automate your order management , for example the system can assign orders automatically according to drivers areas.

Route Management

Your Drivers can sort, arrange their routes by themselves and they can quickly navigate to the current task.

Mobile App for Drivers

Driver no need to waste their time. With Olivery app they can reach their destination through our google map integrations , send consignee Whatsapp message to notify them for delivery and use live chat to chat with the senders.

Live Tracking

Know where your drivers are and how every task is progressing in real-time.

Paperless customer service

Improve your daily operations and save time with seamless digital customer service.

Digital documentation

Storing hard copy of your documents is fine , but when need to search for one document it will waste your time. With Olivery you can store all documents digitally and getting back to them instantly.

Fleet Analytics

Track the metrics you need. Put user-friendly, correct, and easy to understand data to the best use for the growth of your company.

Fast Proof of Delivery function

Send signed documents to customers through email immediately upon having performed the delivery.

Signature capture

Fulfill all delivery requirements digitally and sign documents digitally.

Smooth integrations

Connect to tools you already use & start boosting your delivery capacity.