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Four ways you can use google map to enhance the logistics experience

One of the most important point in logistics is tracking your assets , orders and drivers.
You should know at any point the location of your drivers , or when even occur , for example a package got rejected , where exactly it was rejected. 
For your drivers , you have to give them the ability to navigate through the map to the sender and the recipient.

Google map integration is the best when it comes to tracking and finding best route to your drivers.

The list of how you can use google map to optimise your logistics experience : 

1- Track your driver’s live location instantly , here you can use google map to view the real time data of your drivers location

2- Enable the driver to locate the sender and recipient using google map, so for any new driver in your company , you do not have to inform them about the location of your customers

3- Enable recipient to share their location right away, this is very handy feature where it allow the recipient to share their location with one click , this can be useful for storing your recipient information for the next time as well as it indicate that the recipient is willing to receive the parcel which decrease the probability of returns ( more on that later) 

4- Route planning and optimising ( more on that in different post ) 


Olivery platform take the advantages of google map and use all the points above to enhance the experience of logistics.

It has Olivery live map which easily let you view the current drivers, sender and recipient location.


Olivery also track the drivers through the app, where the app send each specific time the location of the drivers , still the most important point is when the driver is doing specific action you can specify the location when the driver selected that action. For example you can configure Olivery to send the location when the driver change the status to rejected for any order automatically.

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