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Reports Automation ( Search & Group by )


When you mention any Intelligent management system , one thing you should have is the ability to automate the repeated processes , which means this is a really Intelligent system.


In logistics , it becomes more urgent to do so, in this blog we will explain how to automate the reports that you need for any of the logistics operations.


One of the valuable tools you have in Olivery is the search by and Group by , by which you can generate any needed report.

Let’s take an example , if you want to know the value of cash that a driver has ( cash on delivery ) you can easily search for all orders that have been delivered.

As the video shows , you can know the value of the cash that all drivers have in seconds, without the need to go to different tabs.


What if you need to know the cash with each driver, simply you can use the group by feature provided by Olivery.

As the previous video shows , in one click you are there !.


The most important question is how to generate/automate this report, the answer is simple check the below video.


As seen in the video , you can save this report without the need to repeat the process each time , you can even share this report with your co-worker and even generate useful information from it using the BI Tool, but this will be for later.

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